Chetan Padia

Software engineer in Brighton, UK

Helping start-ups spend less on tech.

I help small teams plan and implement their cloud platforms, choice of programming languages, processes, hardware, and other tools.

I offer free help to leaders in business and tech from under-represented minorities, including those with disabilities, women, LGBTIQA+, and black communities. This approach is heavily inspired by Codebar.

I currently work with the wonderful folks at Clockwork Dog, bringing magic to escape rooms.

Events I run

  1. T-Shaped Talks

    A meeting of diverse communities in Brighton & Hove

Recent talks

  1. The Future of Startups in Brighton & Hove

    What's changing and why 2020 is the most exciting time for local startups
  2. T-Shaped Talks interview

    An interview with The People's Republic of Brighton and Hove
  3. Kotlin makes Java null and void

    Intro to Kotlin on Android and how to migrate from Java
  4. Beeline's backend, built with Firebase

    A workflow for Realtime DB, Auth, Cloud Functions, Storage, and more
  5. Launching Beeline

    From Kickstarter to connected product

Where I've worked

  1. Clockwork Dog

    2019 - 2023 Dazzling and surprising with tech for escape rooms
  2. Super Magic Link

    2021 Streamed copyright content in sync
  3. BBC Own It

    2019 Help and advice for young people's first leap online
  4. Thrive

    2019 Improving life through wearable sensor technology
  5. Matchbox Mobile

    2018 Mobile, cloud, voice, IoT, AI, and more
  6. Beano

    2018 Cross-platform content for kids
  7. Beeline

    2016 - 2018 Simpler navigation for bicycles
  8. boop.js

    2015 - 2016 UI test automation for Android apps
  9. Double

    2015 Safer, less awkward dating
  10. Living Map

    2015 Smart maps for mobile devices
  11. SwiftKey

    2010 - 2015 The keyboard powered by you

Open source

  1. Node.js DMX

    Realtime timings for node-dmx
  2. Firebase Mock Functions

    A Node.js library for testing Firebase Database triggers offline
  3. Android Bluetooth Current Time Service (CTS)

    Set the time on connected Bluetooth devices (iOS does this by default)

Things I've made

  1. Raspberry Pi DVD player

    A teeny tiny low-power DVD player
  2. DMX Audio Visualiser

    Visualise audio in realtime on LED tape
  3. Kaleidoscope Roulette

    WebRTC "Chatroulette" with reflective patterns
  4. r/place clone

    Multiplayer pixel art
  5. Wheely Bike

    A little bike that spins around your screen
  6. Emojikey

    Search and type emojis in Chrome/Chromium
  7. Minishift Tetris

    Play Tetris with a Raspberry Pi and Minishift
  8. iApprove

    Audience participation for presentations
  9. Pointy

    Show where your pointing on-screen during a presentation with a LEAP Motion
  10. Solitaire/Freecell for PyS60

    A patience game for Nokia S60 written in Python
  11. EasyEdit PyS60

    A text editor for Nokia S60 written in Python

Love what you do and the people you do it with.